Interesting Current Events in Ecuador Sept-Oct.

Posted on September 29, 2008 – 20:57
Here is a huge event,that I believe the American newpapers will barely mention,is that Ecuador voted on and overwhelmingly passed a new Constitution on Sunday,September 28!Here is President Rafael Correa,who has been seen a lot on TV lately. He is very happy!It has a lot of written rights for the poor,the indigineous,the handicapped,the environment,and more great things.It also has the possibility of opening the door to abortion,and attacking Catholic schools.
St. Narcisa de Jesus Martillo Moran,a girl from a town about 2o miles outside of Guayaquil,Ecuador (140 years ago) will be canonized a Saint by Pope Benedict VI.Here are Miquel and I in the sanctuary of her Church,where her incorruptable body is displayed under the altar.
Here is a pilgrimage poster for the Canonization Mass at the Vatican scheduled for Sunday,October 12,2008.


The Johns Hopkins University Press Military Politics and Democracy in the Andes
Book (The Johns Hopkins University Press)

Good riddance 2010

2010-12-19 11:17:13 by AmberDextrose

Haiti - 220,000 - Earthquake
Chili - 1,000 - Earthquake
Russia/Pakistan - 17,000 - A single heat-and-storm system
"A volcano in Iceland paralyzed air traffic for days in Europe, disrupting travel for more than 7 million people. Other volcanoes in the Congo, Guatemala, Ecuador, the Philippines and Indonesia sent people scurrying for safety. New York City had a rare tornado.
And in the United States, FEMA declared a record number of major disasters, 79 as of Dec. 14. The average year has 34. A list of day-by-day disasters in 2010 compiled by the AP runs 64 printed pages long."

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Piso - Casa en venta Loja

se vende casa en Zamora Huayco. Cuartos: 4 Cuartos de baño: 4 Metros Cuadrados: 160. Piso - Casa en venta - Loja. Hoy, 12:09.

Piso - Casa en venta Loja - Loja - Ecuador

Departamentos de 125m2 y 105 m2 de venta en la ciudad de Loja-Ecuador.

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